RealLifeCam Review: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Updated July, 2021 by Mike

Real-life voyeur cam-sites are popping up all over the internet, and they sure are a lot of fun. They let you peep into houses where people do a lot of sexy stuff. Among all the voyeur cam-sites, RealLifeCam, popularly known as RLC, has developed a mass following and promises to offer viewers a unique experience. Wondering if it's worth it? Then you've arrived at the right place. This article provides you with a 100% honest review of RLC. From the user experience to the cost, we detail everything. Keep on reading to find out more.

RealLifeCam: Our Review

RLC is one of the most popular live-stream voyeur sites with an ever-increasing fanbase. It allows you to view the day-to-day activities of people in their homes and apartments -and, yes, you can even view their naughty moments. It's a unique blend of porn and reality TV. You can access multiple cams installed throughout their homes and follow their every movement 24/7. RLC also supports a replay feature through which you can playback all the cams in the houses from the last 24 hours, so you don't have to miss a single moment. With a free account, you will have limited content, and they have various packages if you're interested in paying for the site's content.

These days, this style of pornography is becoming incredibly popular. In fact, RLC is one of the top 1,500 websites worldwide across all categories. The company behind RLC isn’t known, but it is hosted in the Netherlands, and a majority of streams on RLC are from European countries. RLC offers users interesting features and a lot of exciting content to keep you hooked.

The Pros

  • Fantastic for voyeur fans
  • Video quality is excellent
  • Easy to use and simple user-interface
  • Some free rooms
  • Attractive couples
  • A large number of apartments
  • Replay options available

The Cons

  • Slow loading time on some cams
  • Limited nude content on free cams
  • Premium memberships are pricey

RealLifeCam Features

The site offers users a good collection of options and features. The complete premium user features include:

  • RLC Replay: you can replay all streams from any cam from the past 24 hours
  • RLC remote: using your smartphone to remotely control your streams on the site
  • A full-screen mode with integrated controls for a more immersive experience
  • A motion detection feature that allows you to follow people in the apartments
  • Complete live preview of all active cams
  • Allows you to view multiple streams with the same browser/interface window
  • More than 330 cameras installed in over 20 apartments

RealLifeCam User Interface

RLC offers you a wide variety of apartments such as couples on vacation, groups, couples, roommates, and singles. Thanks to this, you can explore various combinations of people based on whatever turns your wheels. Every camera has a number along with the room’s name in which the cameras are positioned. If someone is in the room, a green dot will appear. Similarly, apartments are also labeled by a green dot when it's occupied. In RLC, many people prefer to sleep nude or on their lingerie. Knowing which rooms are occupied makes it much easier for you to find your favorite performers. You'll also receive notifications when people are around. Since it's a voyeur cam site, many apartments/homes won't have people all the time. They might be out shopping or doing other things. Overall, there’s a respectable amount of apartments, and you should find whatever turns you on.

Free Content On RealLifeCam

RLC does offer some amount of free content with nudity. If you want to get a feel of what the site has to offer, you can check out seven apartments that are free to watch. However, some rooms still require payment. You can view all the naughty things that happen in the public areas of the homes/apartments. However, most of the free apartments have little content, and due to the limited number of rooms, you might find it hard to see some action when you want to. If you want nudity at any time of the day, we highly recommend you to pay for the premium membership. With a premium membership, you'll get access to 12 additional rooms, including the bathroom and bedroom, where most of the raunchy stuff takes place.

It’s a voyeur site, so you need to remember that the people won't be nude or masturbating 24/7. A lot of the time, you might even see them doing things that are certainly not sexy such as clipping their nails or scratching their balls. However, being able to view the people 24/7 doing normal things and then getting into some action certainly makes the whole experience more intimate. If you want to see the whole show, you should certainly go for the premium membership.

RealLifeCam Prices

RealLifeCam Memberships

RealLifeCam offers two types of memberships-standard and premium. With a standard membership, you'll have access to all apartments and cameras. Not just that, you'll also have access to a motion detection feature and a full-screen mode which is very beneficial if you want a completely immersive experience. With this membership, you can also preview popular streams. Standard membership for 30 days will cost you 29.95 USD, 89.85 USD for 90 days, and 179.70 USD for 180 days.

Premium membership also offers you access to all the apartments and cameras, along with a motion detection feature and support for full-screen mode. Along with these features, a premium membership offers you some exciting perks. The multi-viewer mode is particularly noteworthy; through this, you can look at multiple cameras in a single room, offering you a wide variety of viewing angles. This feature also allows you to watch people who are in two different apartments or rooms.

Another fantastic feature is the auto-follow top cam that allows you to automatically follow people from room to room using the motion detection feature. The RLC Remote is also advantageous. The replay feature allows you to watch any video recorded on any camera over the past 24 hours. If you don't want to miss out on any action, this is a fantastic feature. The premium membership costs 44.95 USD for 30 days, 134.85 USD for 90 days, and 269.70 USD for 180 days. For both the standard and premium memberships, there are heavy discounts from time to time, so you should check out their website occasionally.

RealLifeCam supports a wide range of payment options such as PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard debit/credit cards, among others. To sign up on their site, you just need to furnish your email address and password. You can also opt to receive their newsletters. In all, the paid memberships certainly offer a ton more content and features. You should get it if you want unrestricted voyeur fun.


Peeking into the lives of others watching their every move, including having sex, is a fantasy that many people have, and RealLifeCam makes that fantasy a reality. From the user interface to the video quality, RLC certainly delivers for voyeur lovers. There is a lot of hardcore action on the site, and the streams are of high quality as well. Every apartment is infested with cameras making the whole experience truly immersive, and the performers are good-looking as well. On the downside, there is a shortage of free content, and the premium memberships are quite expensive, but they do come with a lot of intuitive features that make the experience even more thrilling. We particularly love the motion detection feature.

We didn't find anything that made us think that the site was a fraud or scam. The site doesn't ask for a lot of information, and when it comes to payments, they have all the necessary security setup. If you’re looking for a cam site to quench your thirst for voyeur content, you should definitely give RealLifeCam a try.

Total Score: 3/5
Features: 3/5
Price: 3/5
Safety: 4/5
User Interface: 3/5